Chainsaw (16″)

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Rental Prices:

  • Four Hour Rental: $40.00
  • Daily Rental: $50.00
  • Weekly Rental: $175.00
  • FourWeek Rental: $375.00
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The MS 211 uses advanced technology in the form of a powerful low-emission, fuel-efficient engine. But it doesn’t stop there. It also reduces your maintenance with a professionally inspired pre-separation air filtration system (extending air filter life up to five times longer).

The MS 181 C-BE is a small & easy to start chainsaw requiring less air filter maintenance. This chainsaw is ideal for pruning, thinning, felling & other light duty tasks.

Chainsaw rentals do not include chains. Chains can be purchased new at a discount, or rented as-is for $5/day (Deale Only).

Deposit required for fuel cans/screnches, to be fully refunded upon their return.